Crede quod vis. Colendis vobis figmenta.

Vobis factus imaginaria sui.

“Finally, a religion that lets you believe whatever you want!”

—Saint Bigfoot


Become a Knight

Step One

To help you become a Knight of the Holy Order of the Sasquatch, we offer a basic membership package. It includes a membership card that bears the sacred Oath of the Order, two stickers featuring the icon of Saint Bigfoot the Imaginary (pictured), a beautiful sew-on patch, and two copies of The First Epistle of the Holy Order of the Sasquatch. For more information on the First Epistle, see our Publications section. 

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Step Two (Optional) 

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What does the Basic Membership Package include? 

The Card: The official identification of the Holy Order of the Sasquatch, this membership card confers upon bearer the rank of Knight. The sacred Oath of the Order is printed on the reverse.  This card is 2" x 3.5" on high quality stock with shiny, shiny spot lamination. Klassy! 

The Patch: Let the world know of your devotion with the beautiful sew-on embroidered patch of the icon of Saint Bigfoot the Imaginary. The patch is 2" in diameter. 

The Stickers: Spread awareness of the Holy Order with these custom 3" labels with glossy finish, each bearing the icon of Saint Bigfoot the Imaginary, along with the name of our Order and official website. The membership kit includes two stickers.  

The First Epistle: These eight-panel graphic "Bigfoot Bibles" are printed on high quality glossy stock for durability and enlightenment! We will send one for you, and one for you to give away and spread the word of Saint Bigfoot. 

It is a comic? Is it a pamphlet? Is it the sacred scripture of Saint Bigfoot? 

It is all of the above! The First Epistle of the Holy Order of the Sasquatch is your introduction to basic tenets of our Knighthood. Every Knight's journey begins with the First Epistle. 

In these pages you will learn about Saint Bigfoot and recite the sacred Oath of the Order. 

You will witness the power of the All-Seeing Foot as well as the dangers of Incorrection and the dreaded BaphoMac!    

Discover your own hidden powers, prepare to become your imaginary self, and learn how to save the world!

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Proof that the Holy Order of the Sasquatch is the world's oldest cryptoreligion.