Crede quod vis. Colendis vobis figmenta.

Vobis factus imaginaria sui.

“Finally, a religion that lets you believe whatever you want!”

—Saint Bigfoot


Art & Artifacts


Protect yourself and those you love with Holy Order of the Sasquatch facemarks, available in Classic Saint Bigboot and Mercury Chimp designs. 

To order, click here

tificate of Mental Telepathy (free PDF)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Display this mental telepathy certificate from the Saint Bigfoot Institute of Psychic Research and no one will ever laugh at you again.

To download, click here

Certificate of Meta-Authenticity (free PDF) 

FREE DOWNLOAD: What is authenticity, anyway? What does it mean to be authentic? We sure as hell don't know, but imagine that reality is what we make of it. Enter your name, or whatever figment you cherish. After all, even a figment is something 

To download, click here

Written Agreement Charging Door-to-door religious proselytizers $500 per hour (free PDF)

You don't have to be rude to religious proselytizers who come to your home to share their beliefs with you. Do what Saint Bigfoot would do: invite them in, but charge them for your time. We recommend charging $500 an hour, and we've drafted a written agreement for just such an occasion. As a public service, you can access a downloadable PDF here

Embroidered Patch (2" diameter) 

Let the world know of your devotion to the Holy Order of the Sasquatch with this beautiful sew-on embroidered patch featuring the icon of Saint Bigfoot the Imaginary. 

One patch is also included in the Basic Membership Package of the Order. Additional patches are $5 (CAD) each. 

To order additional patches, click here

Saint Bigfoot Stickers (3" diameter, sheet of 6 labels) 

Spread awareness of the Holy Order of the Sasquatch with these custom 3" labels with a glossy finish, each bearing the icon of Saint Bigfoot the Imaginary, along with the name of our Order and official website. 

Two stickers are included in the Basic Membership Package of the Order. Additional stickers are $10 (CAD) for each sheet of six. 

To order additional stickers, click here.

More art and artifacts coming soon.